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pgw6This is probably been the hardest page I have ever had to write as it’s about me, so I will keep it brief for now and may add to it as time goes on.

I suppose I have always been a closet writer, that is to say not many people ever really knew, with the exception of a few friends and family it’s been kept relatively quiet.

I have seen it more as a hobby or interest along with all my other hobbies and interests over the years and although I do have my name to a number of articles for metaphysical magazines, games magazines and across numerous websites I don’t consider myself a published author, although others will beg to differ on that point.

Over the last ten months and having  a bit more time on my hands the idea of completing a couple of large writing projects has become more of a obsession than a hobby and become a far more realistic prospect of it happening.

If you have read my article ‘Wind of Change’ you will know why this has all kicked off so I will leave you now to look at the project files, or books in progress, if you haven’t already done so.

So what am I up to, well the two main book projects are The survival wars which is well under way and Past Tense, Past Tense is looking like it may turn into the first complete draft. I had thought of changing the name but this will more than likely remain as it has been called that since it began, a few other projects in the pipeline of the future are City Limits and The Rising of an Empire, these are still in hand written draft form and may get started next year, the rising of an Empire has a good start and ending a very disturbing middle and lots of other unpredictable events, City Limits as yet doesn’t have a ending and both go back over twenty years as concepts for stories, none are connected and will all be completely separate stories.

I am really enjoying the process, and finally putting ideas down on paper  that have been rattling around in my head for over 30 years.

Also keep an eye on the Short stories, these are added to regularly and written on the fly (directly to the blog) as and when I’m inspired to update them, both already listed under Short Stories in the link above, there are others but I’m holding on to them for the moment and may possibly do a short stories book.

I tend to add to existing pages as well so have now added a section on the right called Updated Articles, this shows anything I have recently updated or added to.



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  1. Jean Reinhardt September 2, 2013 at 12:15 am | | Reply

    Great site Peter and I love the layout. Your content is very interesting, I’m looking forward to whatever else you add.

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