Past Times

A recent question was posed on our group at MARSocial yesterday by the lovely Laura Crean “If you had the use of a time machine, what would you use it for?”  I did reply but it set me thinking about my current book I am writing and how I have already turned the whole idea [...]

Blogs and Bloggers

Blogs have become one of the biggest web platforms of the decade and everyone wants one.   Although this particular blog is very new and shiny, I’m not new to blogging or blogs and have had at least one for eight or nine years, they have come a long way since then and a lot [...]

The web we weave

The first in series of unrelated short stories written on the fly, that is, to write them directly to the blog and add to them regularly, risky but fun.   The web we weave   A long pause, and then……silence…….. Somewhere in the distance is the faint sound of a dog howling, you struggle to [...]

The wind of change

They say, “From a small acorn a mighty oak will grow” but I prefer to see this blog as “From a tiny seed something great will grow” I have great plans for my seed, I have planted it and will nurture it and it will hopefully germinate and grow to something wonderful. So why have [...]