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Blogs have become one of the biggest web platforms of the decade and everyone wants one.


Although this particular blog is very new and shiny, I’m not new to blogging or blogs and have had at least one for eight or nine years, they have come a long way since then and a lot easier to set up.

For years there have been thousands of Bloggers out there beavering away on their blogs in there own given subject, their hobbies and their passions in life.

Many moons ago I used to review blogs, many no longer exist now which is a shame as some were very promising.

In the last few days I myself have been lucky enough to read some fantastic blogs previously unknown to me, mainly by other writers and authors, so to that end I am creating a blog roll of my favourites to include here, most have come my way either from my Twitter followers or the new and growing bigger by the day

So look out in the next few days for my new blog roll and the reviews of my favourites, I’m not going to review the content but more the look, usability and feel of the weblog, to be honest if the content was no good they wouldn’t make it here in the first place.

What constitutes a good blog?

Well I’m sure there are many opinions on this alone but to me and foremost  is good articles and content, most of the time you are taken to a blog via a link somewhere and for one particular article or post, the blogs I like hold my attention, not just for the one article but keeps me there on other articles too, and has to be good enough for me wanting to return for more.

They should be easy on the eye and navigation friendly, text on to dark a background is hard work on the eyes and links to other articles should be obvious and not hidden.

And finally you should know who writes the blog so a good bio or ‘about me’ page is important along with a picture of the author.


The first three weblogs to be included on this sites blogroll are;

Lewis A sellers    Science fiction & Horror genre’s

John Walker     Words from the dark side

Laura Crean   Writer and poet


I’m not here to rate each website or pit one against another, these are my own observations after spending eight years building and tweeking different websites, the website has now become a portal to whatever we do and like the way we used to dress and use our business cards as the first impression we made, so websites have certainly taken their place and become more important for authors as well as many other brands and businesses.

All the weblogs and sites mentioned will be permanently linked on this website as part of my blogroll.

So without further ado, and as they say, in no particular order.


Lewis A sellers    Science fiction & Horror genre’s

Lewis’s website is based around WordPress and like mine is on it’s own domain an unusual layout but it does work, the theme is the WordPress Graphene Theme and has the cover of his latest book as a header.

Lewis writes Science Fiction and Horror and the website makes good use of the placing for his current books on the left and along with the blog content on the right held my attention for quite some time.

He does have the Twitter and Facebook follow buttons on each article, something you can’t do without these days, so easy to re-tweet or share to your own social media pages.

The only downside, is all the blog posts load on the same page rather than it being limited to about 10, it is obvious the website is a work in progress but looks great and can see me revisiting again.


John Walker     Words from the dark side

John’s website is on the popular Blogger platform, one I know well along with WordPress.

The layout is good and everything is at hand as you enter the website, I’m not convinced the vertical split for the blog archive and the about me page looks right and would probably change that if it was me as it is hard to read on my smaller sized monitor.

Again once there the content and article hold you and have you looking for more.

Unfortunately there are no share buttons for Twitter of Facebook leaving the reader unable to share John’s wonderful content.


Laura Crean   Writer and poet

Laura has quite a few websites and blogs and this is but one of them.

This has been created on and not a site I am familiar with but the layout is very easy on the eye and finding older content is a breeze, again there are no share buttons and I am beginning to wonder if Blogger and other blogging platforms have the options for them, you can of course add them but many people get a bit lost adding code to pages, with WordPress it can be downloaded as an add-on and activated with ease.

Links to Laura’s other websites are there too, so will keep you occupied for hours.


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6 Responses

  1. Laura Crean September 4, 2013 at 8:21 pm | | Reply

    Oh Wow! LOL Thanks for the look out Peter. Yes I have to admit I do have a few sites and I end up having links all over the place – its because I start one site and then find a better platform somewhere else or at least yet another way to spread my voice around! I am trying to write for different genres too so I have to try and separate off the poetry and more grown up writing from the childen’s books and my artwork. I love the layout you have here, it looks so professional and it is easy to read and has interesting content.
    Thanks once again.

    Xx Laura xX

  2. John Walker September 6, 2013 at 9:53 am | | Reply

    Hi Peter,

    thanks for taking the time to look over my blog and thanks also for the feedback.
    My laptop screen is 16″ wide and I didn’t anticipate a problem on smaller devices. I’ve made note of that and as I am always ‘tweaking’ the layout, this will be modified when I have some free time, along with adding share buttons, etc.

    Your blog is excellent! I love the layout and design. I may switch to WordPress :)

    Thanks again.

    Keep writing the words :)

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