Books versus E Readers

Now before I begin, I’m not anti E-Reader, I’m just not good at big changes, I’ve only had a smart phone for six months and held on to my old basic phone for as long as I could, but it died.

I never did like touch screens but now I have it I have grown used to it, although given the choice I still like phones with real buttons, E-readers to me was like devils spawn when they first came out and couldn’t see the point and as they became more popular and E-books seemed to become an option on most sites selling books, I thought I could see the writing on the wall and the end to books as we knew it.

563035_4856287498006_1096203473_nI for one could never get rid of all my books, I have quite a few and like my old vinyl record collection will no doubt keep them forever, but today I took a giant leap forward and downloaded Kindle onto my computer as half the books I want are only available as electronic books or in some cases not available in the UK,.

So I took the plunge, so far I’m impressed, really easy to use and get books downloaded, the only downside to the PC version that I can see is I have to sit here at the desk to read them, ok I get the point, e-reader equals comfy chair, so maybe I’ll will have to get one now but in the mean time I don’t feel I’m missing out.

But like vinyl records, books have unique qualities I would miss, the smell of opening a new book for the first time or even on the other hand, a secondhand book has a unique smell, and obviously take up far more space and weigh more, I know I have moved them a dozen times and even the smaller boxes were heavy.

I have lent out many a book, some never make their way back but how do you lend an E-book? bluetooth it!

My room would look bare without the books although the number of CD’s and DVD’s take up almost as much space and many of those are now on the  ipod, yes I know it’s the same thing as an E-reader in a way but still have my vinyl records, cassette tapes, do you remember those? As well as the disc’s for films and music along with games and computer disc’s.

No doubt one day it will all be on one portable machine, it’s not far off now with tablets but I will still find space for my real books and will still buy them, there’s still something about a book.


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  1. Anita Wilks September 11, 2013 at 8:17 pm | | Reply

    I’m not sure you can lend an Ebook

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