My Writing Week

Belated update

Hi folks, as you may of guessed I’ve been busy, and have neglected the website. I’m still going strong although my day to day work has taken preference over writing for the last four months but I will be back, you will still find me on Twitter regularly and will try to get online every [...]

My writing week, November

What a difference a few weeks can make. Since I last posted ‘My Writing Week’ in October a lot has changed and for the better I may add. My main science fiction novel ‘Past Tense’ is still resting and about a week away from me going over the first draft, as much as I tried [...]

The journey of a writer

They do say everyone has a book in them, unfortunately most people never bother because they worry or don’t believe they could put pen to paper. If you have been thinking of writing or may of even started and shelved the idea like I did for years, the best thing I can say to you [...]

My Writing Week

Actually, that’s not strictly true, it’s more like my writing month, I was going to post a weekly update but now I will be updating my writing and book progress once a month unless a lot changes. This website will still get updated regularly though, with guest author articles and other random posts, so have [...]