Climbing the ratings

Beyond the edge of reality, is not a unique name, nor is it original, but seemed a fitting name for my  website, so off I went and bought the domain name, I was actually quite surprised it was available.

Now it may not be a big thing to many people but to those who understand how hard it is to get a blog or website rated and indexed on the search engines, will be the one’s that understand why I’m so pleased.

Yesterday, I checked where I stood on Google as far as the name of the website goes, the last time I checked a week ago, it didn’t even figure on the first ten or fifteen pages I checked, it was full of paranormal sites using the same name or similar, yesterday after a bit of work and networking over the last week, this website sat happily on page four of Google out of six million results, so as you can imagine I was really pleased with my efforts.

Today just before writing this post, just 24 hours later, I checked again and now sits on page two.

So for all you out there with you own websites and blogs, learn as much as possible about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it may sound boring or over your head but the basics are quite simple, it’s also the difference between getting your website up into the top pages on search engines or forever languishing in the queue with thousands if not millions of others.

If you need help, let me know and will have a look at your site and see if there is anything I can suggest.

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