Coffee break

It’s very quiet this morning, mainly because of the fog, it seems to dampen any sounds that might otherwise be out there, I don’t hear much at the best of times living on a farm over half a mile from any public road but we do have a horse livery yard out front and this morning even that looks abandoned.

It’s not what I’m used to as by now at 9:00am I’m out and in the thick of it, for someone that worked full time as a builder, I’m used to long hours and early starts, having had people work for me by eight in the morning my mind is usually racing with everything we need to get done that day.

Over the last few months I have pulled back a bit, something I have tried to do for a few years, but has only been since shutting down the joinery shop fifteen miles away have I been able to spend more time at home, I still have a small workshop here but is no where near as much effort to get there as it was.

I tend to work in a certain order with everything and always try to get loose ends tied up before taking on anything else and with a quiet week in front of me, thought I could get a lot of writing done this week.

Yesterday was spent updating drawings for a few building jobs we are doing later in the year and today I have a pile of paperwork to sort out and file away, so that’s two days gone, already tomorrow I have now got to collect an order not expected until next week and possibly go and install it, so it looks like Thursday before I can actually sit down and work on some serious writing.

I am loving the quiet this time of day but it is hard to concentrate on the necessary tasks at hand when my head is building plots and wanting to write.

Anyway I’m now off to do what I should be doing, after maybe another cup of coffee.

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