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N P Postlethwaite .I’m Nisha P Postlethwaite. I write science-fiction, fiction, poetry and recipes. Sometimes I live in an alternate reality which is where I mainly write from. My novel The First Sense, is set in a future British city called ‘Lakes City’ that sprawls across what is now the Lake District and Cumbria. The First Sense centres around several characters who each have an unusual ability; you could call their abilities ‘gifts’ but they can be more like ‘curses’ – so my characters tell me. Sorry, did I not mention that? I am not quite sure my characters are fictional as they tend to take things over…  like my space, my life and my blog.

Anyway. I am currently writing the follow up to The First Sense – not just because I want to, but I have to. I often get asked what inspires me to write apart from pure  obsession, well, it’s quite a list:- the intricacies of the human species and relationships, numerous life experiences, unanswered questions, dreams, living in beautiful Cumbria, human intuition – something many of us feel compelled to replace for conscious reasoning, reading between the lines of conversations and situations,  my love of creating recipes… I find food magical because of its endless creative combinations and some of the foods in The First Sense do some very unusual things to people. I find writing therapeutic and cathartic and ‘Lakes City’ is a wonderful place to escape to, for a change from the present.

Like a lot of writers, I read a lot. I love a writer with a vivid, visual imagination and a tendency towards the unusual and magical, or a writer with a very original style, who may invent their own words or language. There’s no limit to what I read but I am drawn to writing that is deep and genuine, where I can tell the author really believed in what they were writing, even if that writer happens to live in a different reality, time or on a different planet. That’s the beauty of it all, you cannot impose rules or restrictions on the imagination.

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·         The First Sense eBook is available on Amazon Kindle

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·         On Twitter, she’s @nppostlethwaite

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