My boldest moment

For a while I have been mulling over a special post  and planned it to coincide with reaching 500 Twitter followers last week, well today I have broken the 600 barrier so time to post this article.

A few years back I decided to cut off all my hair for charity, it would be the first time in thirty years, hardly anyone I know has seen me without the long hair and beard, in fact. even I didn’t know what I looked like without long hair and a beard!

MY aim was to raise anything up to £1000.00 but after putting it up on Facebook, was asked if I would shave off my beard too, I made a passing comment, something to the effect of ” If the total goes above £1000.00 then I’ll do it”.

The comment went viral and even a hair dressing friend from up North in Sheffield offered to come all the way down to Essex especially to cut it, the total hit £1200.00 and had to concede to going without my facial hair for the first time in thirty years or more.

The following pictures have never been made public so this is a first and although posted on Facebook three years ago, they were taken down a few months later.

Done in front of a group of dumb founded friends as they watched the transformation.








The hair and beard are back now, and back to stay………


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