My Writing Week

Actually, that’s not strictly true, it’s more like my writing month, I was going to post a weekly update but now I will be updating my writing and book progress once a month unless a lot changes.

This website will still get updated regularly though, with guest author articles and other random posts, so have called this My Writing Week.

Without starting to get side tracked, let me now update my progress.

Past Tense

Past Tense, which I have posted above the outline albeit brief, is now seriously getting there, the first draft is almost complete and will soon be time to go back over the whole manuscript and add or remove whatever I feel is needed, I am up to just over 60,000 words but I know I have more detail to fit in so will be nearer 75,000 by the time I’m done.

So a little bit more about Past Tense.

Carl our main character, has little left to like about this life, he has just lost his job, broke, and had a family that to all intents thinks very little of him and likewise, he wishes he never got married, the night he loses his job he finds himself in a bar doing something he never does, drinking, after a chance meeting with Mark, another drinker, he tells his story, the man that he is talking to happens to of been working on a time travelling device and needs a volunteer, he believes Carl could fit the bill very well.

As it turns out Carl accepts the offer of going back in time to correct his failing life and start again and so our story begins.

Carl finds himself 25 years in the past, but soon learns that every action has a reaction and not always a good one, as he try’s to adjust how he does things he finds that some things happen anyway no matter how much he knows or does.

There is some big wake up calls for Carl and some unexpected events caused by his decisions.

You can find the main article for Past Tense Here

The Survival Wars

This is not as advanced as Past Tense but over the last few weeks has taken a dramatic turn, what was based on just an earth based dystopian survival story is now also off world.

So why the big change, if you have read the prologue you know the main story revolves around a strange solar event and the outcome of that, well my mind can work very strangely sometimes and I found myself questioning what or whom created this problem in the first place, enter an interesting twist of alien races and a 5000 year old legacy of the human race.

The hardest part with this is keeping it to a reasonable size as this could easily become an epic, the answer will be to do a second book in the series but I will have to see how the draft goes.

You can find the original Prologue Here

When I’m inspired to write I am averaging about 5000 words a day, not massive but life tends to get in the way.

Other things in progress

I have started two short stories on this weblog and written literally on the fly, that is I add to them directly to the blog with no pre-written format, risky but fun.


Spark is about a Astral traveller in the future that, despite being very capable at his art, questions far deeper meanings to what he does, he can travel at will anywhere in the world, but one small event leave a lasting impression on him, talking to a dead man.

You can find the beginnings of this story here, and at present is the first two parts of four, or about 4300 words.

The web we weave

I’m not saying to much about this one as only the first part is online but will be adding more  soon, the beginnings are Here

I am also considering doing a book on short stories, mainly science fiction based, but like Spark with a metaphysical twist, I have quite a few others lined up in the ideas file so still mulling that one over.

Also I have a few articles to write as guest posts on other authors blogs and websites so will have to give them a priority as one is due for publication soon.

I will of course update you all when and where these articles will be posted.

From what I have learnt over the last few months, getting anything published is a complete minefield out there today, whether it’s a traditional book or E-book, lots of people have said to me I stand little chance of getting my work out there when it is ready but my thoughts on this are, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, or at least a lot closer, I write because I enjoy it, I don’t see it as a way to make a living but if I do then that would be fantastic, but there is one thing I do know, they will be published, as sure as eggs are eggs.






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