Coffee break

It’s very quiet this morning, mainly because of the fog, it seems to dampen any sounds that might otherwise be out there, I don’t hear much at the best of times living on a farm over half a mile from any public road but we do have a horse livery yard out front and this [...]

There are always two sides to every coin

The other day, I had an interesting conversation on Twitter regarding  our future and although short, the replies show how some of us think about the future and what we will be doing in years to come, the guy I was talking to said how he would like to go 5000 years into the future [...]

Guest author, Tylor Kranyak

Guest author, Tylor Kranyak

My second guest author is fairly new to the scene and already has his first book out, one of my favourite creatures is the dragon and Tylor Kranyak has found a unique way to include them in a new story line. Hello, my name is Tylor Kranyak. I went through an interesting and intricate path [...]

Guest author, Augusta Fern

Guest author, Augusta Fern

A regular series of guest authors will be gracing these pages and the first is a fairly new author, Augusta Fern, her first book is out with the second in the series due out in October of this year. I will hand over to Augusta to introduce herself and her book. Hi I am Augusta [...]

Books versus E Readers

Books versus E Readers

Now before I begin, I’m not anti E-Reader, I’m just not good at big changes, I’ve only had a smart phone for six months and held on to my old basic phone for as long as I could, but it died. I never did like touch screens but now I have it I have grown [...]

Climbing the ratings

Beyond the edge of reality, is not a unique name, nor is it original, but seemed a fitting name for my  website, so off I went and bought the domain name, I was actually quite surprised it was available. Now it may not be a big thing to many people but to those who understand [...]


The second in series of unrelated short stories written on the fly, that is, to write them directly to the blog and add to them regularly, risky but fun.   Where has it gone?   This article or story had been removed due to plagiarism by some unscrupulous writer,  I have decided to complete this short [...]

Should I stay or should I go?

I have had this online for a few years now and has been on various other blogs of mine, but thought it only right it should be here too. How far would you go for the ultimate experience? This is a question but also a dilemma read below and after considering the experience of a [...]

Al Philipson, Science Fiction Author

I have just spent a very enjoyable hour reading some of the work of Al Philipson, absolutely brilliantly written to a point I had to finish reading it. While there check out the first draft of Escape from Earth. His book that has been published is Children of Destruction and although I haven’t read the full [...]

The Red Legend by Luan Catori

Last night I had been shown what looks like a promising book so have bought a copy, I did speak to the author and asked if his images were Mayan or Peruvian, as it is an art form I love he gave me the link to his book and just had to have it, you [...]