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A recent question was posed on our group at MARSocial yesterday by the lovely Laura Crean “If you had the use of a time machine, what would you use it for?”  I did reply but it set me thinking about my current book I am writing and how I have already turned the whole idea of time travel on it’s head by debunking all that we know about it and saying it’s not possible the way everyone has approached it but on the other hand coming up with a working theory that will hold water.

I also mentioned the experience of attending a past life regression about three years ago and underwent what can only be explained as a deep hypnotic state and taken back into another world at another time which apparently was me.

I can go back years and explain theories I have had and try to make some sound sense of past lives or reincarnation principles but that could take me a while and would probably stretch to another book so lets look at how I got to where I was three years ago and how my own beliefs changed and developed.

I’m not one to debunk anything, after all I write science fiction stories, have written some interesting science fantasy and have and still do, write for a mind body and spirit magazine, so my own interests span many disciplines, I like to consider myself reasonably well read, and have dabbled with physics, quantum theory, atomic structure as well as psychic disciplines, and all things metaphysical, but for years I struggled with the idea of the possibility of being someone else in a different past time.

Déjà vu is something completely different but first the Wikipedia meaning;

Déjà vu, from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.

Now this has been explained in great detail about how the brain processes certain information but won’t go into that here if you want to read more see the Wikipedia link at the bottom of this article.

Déjà vu to me for years, certainly as a Teenager and young adult was a phase shift or a overlap from another dimension, I used to believe we lived in more than one dimension at any given time, this is not a new idea and has more than once been used in films and books before, but that’s how I thought, I do have different thought’s now and see it more of a minor form of precognition, a term used by psychics that see into the future or can even be the past, now I can’t explain here how it works because I don’t have all the answers but let me tell you a short story from 10 years ago.

10 years ago I had become very interested in the afterlife and other aspects and was already aware of the principle of precognition and as I have already said, to me it explained Déjà vu as far as I was concerned, one night I was sitting watching the television and I had this vision if you like, images of what looked like a ship in trouble, I had no idea why at that time but it made me feel uneasy, I remembered seeing the name Blue Star and that was it, as I came back to my senses the TV was still on and still had a feeling of dread that something was going to happen so I contacted everyone I knew that might know of a ship called the Blue Star, now the thing is what would you do next most people would consider you a complete nutcase if you phoned them and said your ship the Blue Star is going to get into trouble, but as it was nothing came up and we couldn’t trace the vessel, it didn’t exist.

Two weeks later I found an article on a ship called the Arandora Star, and operated by the now defunct BLUE STAR line, she went down in 1940 and the picture I found of the ship was the ship I had seen in trouble, now how did I see a ship in trouble from 60 odd years ago, how is that possible?

One psychic told me a few years later the vision was from a person that had died on the ship showing me the ship in trouble, but I hold judgement on that, all the same it’s not the only occasion something like this has happened.

But we digress , why I mention this is as far as I see it, the past is the past, it has been and gone, it remains only as history and memories, or does it? Do we have a way of recalling events that hitherto we wasn’t even aware of or is there more to it.

The past life regression I had agreed to took place with me laid out and a flat table a bit like a massage table and was talked down to a point of relaxation, I don’t remember what was said but do recall being taken back to childhood, by suggestive remarks and remember thinking it wasn’t really working and the next thing I remember was being in a London Street with lots of activity going on around me, going by the people around me I was a lot shorter and a lot younger, I do have the entire transcript for this but won’t post it here , but found myself coming round and having tears running down my face.

Again it had stayed with me and can still recall the details, but I’m still undecided on what it was I experienced, was it my past or a past that was suggested to me under hypnosis?

If I had a time machine, I would like to go back and find out whether this time and place existed and who I was, otherwise I doubt I will ever really know.

These experiences either deepen our understanding or in some cases leave more questions than answers, my experiences colour the way I write a story and hopefully giving a deeper understanding of how things could be.


Another related article by author WPotocki on past lives can be found at bicameralwriting


Wikipedia on Déjà vu

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  1. Anita Wilks September 3, 2013 at 7:27 pm | | Reply

    Reading between the lines tells me you do believe in past lives, but surely Déjà vu is also connected in some way, I firmly believe in past lives and have myself been told of several of mine, I agree with the psychic that told you about the vision of the ship the Arandora Star, the experience is no doubt been given by spirit and again what I sense with this article is your not telling the whole story there’s more to it, but I like the way you question everything, that’s a healthy outlook on life and strange experiences

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