Book 2, The Survival Wars

Book 2

This started out about a year ago now as a simple straight forward storyline for a group of wargamers I know, they asked for a storyline and a set of rules for a futuristic scenario.

The main brief was it had to be based on Earth after the Mayan apocalypse and have many factions battling out the survival on what had become of our planet, I took the challenge and ran with it, the outcome was……


What was intended as a game story has now become far deeper and more involved that I decided to create a full book of it and is now in full swing.

We all have in our imaginations what the end of the world may look like and with the many books and films out there on this very subject had coloured out view of what would be likely, words we associate with the end of the world are, apocalypse, world wide disaster, earthquakes and other dramatic things.

But what if it was something far more down to Earth and unexpected?

REM had a single out a good few years back, I can’t remember the year but the main lyrics were, “It’s the end of the world as we know it” and it’s those last four words that say it all, ‘As we know it’ it really wouldn’t take much to bring this planet to a standstill.

Off the top of my head I can think of two main things that would stop us in our tracks, but how would we cope with being pushed back at least two hundred years, could we cope? Would we survive?

To a great extent we have become totally reliant on the modern world to a point some people have no idea that meat comes from an animal because they buy it pre-packed at the supermarket, some wouldn’t know how to cook without the microwave or oven timing instructions on the packets they buy, you may think I am making this up but it is a fact, on another note I asked a younger teenager last year after watching them in a world of their own on there mobile phone what would they do if the electricity stopped over night and they couldn’t use their phone, they replied in all seriousness, “That’s ok my phone runs on batteries” I rest my case.

The two things I mention above are of course electricity and oil, take away either and the other would be affected, with no electricity most of out oil and gas fired appliances wouldn’t work, and no there would be no phone systems at all and the world wide web would be no more than a distant memory, banking as we know it would be on permanent hold with many of us not even sure how we could continue, without oil most of our consumer world would grind to a slow and deliberate halt put these two things together with an unexpected event and you have the beginning of ‘The Survival Wars

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  1. Clive September 2, 2013 at 5:39 pm | | Reply

    It really is that simple, it shows how much we rely on consumer driven materials, take them away or limit our access and yes most of the people of this world would perish though lack of survival knowledge and basic homemaking skills.


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