The closing of a chapter

As the title of this post suggests, my first draft of ‘Past Tense’  is completed, now I feel I can sigh a short relief before finishing off various short stories.

We seemed to of missed Autumn this year, with such a mild October, I still haven’t got to the stage of wearing or needing a jacket, the trees have remained in full leaf and green and even some of the shrubs are still flowering.

This morning there is a few more signs the Summer has drawn to a close and out on the farm the dew is very obvious, one solitary tree has changed the colour of it’s attire in almost defiance of it’s surrounding brothers and sisters.

The low lying mist in the distant trees, the more noticeable drop in air temperature, has an almost inevitable feel that the winter months are approaching.


Over the last few years I have not looked forward to winter, as I get older I’m sure I feel the cold more, but what you can’t deny is the beauty of a fresh or chilly morning.

Even the sun looks different, the colours, the feel, as it pokes it’s head above the horizon to bathe our new day with it’s tempered light.

It’s one of those mornings where you just want to go and walk outside, which, no doubt I will be doing shortly, but this year I will make an extra effort to enjoy the winter months, despite the cold and this time will have my camera with me to capture it’s beauty.


It’s times like this I love living on the farm, the quiet, the nature and of course the stunning scenery.


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