The wind of change

peterThey say, “From a small acorn a mighty oak will grow” but I prefer to see this blog as “From a tiny seed something great will grow” I have great plans for my seed, I have planted it and will nurture it and it will hopefully germinate and grow to something wonderful.

So why have I started now? Well to answer that we will have to go back to Christmas 2012 and while having friends over for the holiday break I was sorting out some old files to show some of my old artwork we had been discussing and came across an old file named as ‘story drafts’ most of these go back to the eighties and has been moved from pillar to post ever since.

I do like to reminisce every now and again so proceeded to go through the old files, the friend of mine that happens to be involved in publishing was present disappeared with one file and was found half an hour later reading an entire draft so old it was written with a typewriter complete with hand written alterations and side notes, there was probably about 20 pages he got through before he ran out and loudly exclaimed, “Where’s the rest, I can’t stop now”, there wasn’t anymore the draft came from the early eighties and never continued with it.

I told him the rest was still in my head even after all these years and he has pestered me ever since to finish it, in the mean time after Christmas I had been asked to write a regular monthly article for a new metaphysical magazine which I now do and enjoy immensely, on top of that another writing project relating to board top war games came up and I was asked to create a set of rules and a story line for what is known as a futuristic battleground and two opposing factions, called The Survival Wars this I had to research and also got involved in the Warhammer scene, all in the name of research of course!

This has been completed but from it a new story line emerged and now creating a complete story line worthy of creating a good book and now along with the original manuscript of Past Tense from the eighties which is now being written to the computer really do have my hands full.

Last week I read an article by Christine Nolfi an established author of contemporary fiction about ‘Why you book doesn’t sell’, now this link was past on to me at so went to read the article, now what struck me was the fact she recommends starting a blog early on while writing a book or story, something I hadn’t thought of and may well of left it until I was best part finished.

So here we are a few days later and we have a name and a blog, I am looking forward to your input and posting regular updates along with some random musings along the way.

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